Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Journey To Get Fit, Feel Healthy & Have A Pain Free Back!

I will be documenting my journey on this blog as I strive and struggle to figure out what works for my body, personal constitution, spirit, to achieve an overall balance of wellness and loose weight. 

I have been struggling with pre-menopausal symptoms starting at the age of 33 years. I believe this is the result of a reaction to the same chemicals and hormones in dairy, meats and personal care products that caused my now 17 year old daughter to start developing at the age of 4.  The doctor said to go organic immediately and don't look back.  It has been a struggle but you can't avoid all foods with a child, school, play dates parties, etc. but we manage at least to be 65 to 85% organic throughout each week. In 1993 right before I got pregnant with my baby mentioned above I was in a car accident and it has done quite the number on my back.  I then worked as a massage therapist until I overworked myself into being done doing massage in 2005.

Now I simply just don't feel good and the back issues are escalating.

I was doing nothing physical, just working at the computer and I felt my back stiffening up on Wednesday afternoon. Then I stood up, I felt the pinch, thought here we go again and knew it would be days until I would be able to stand up straight again. I am at a current weight of 144 lbs. and need to get my weight down to 120lbs.  I don't ever remember having any back flare ups when my weight was at 120 lbs. & would like to get back down to that mark.

I have been exercising regularly almost every day of the week and if I don't, that effects the stability of my back also.  The catch is that at a heavier weight exercising at a mild level is all my back will tolerate. I have tried the Lean Cuisine and Skinny Cow 31 day challenge but I didn't loose any weight after the 1st week.  Towards the end my throat swelled up around my thyroid area and went away as soon as I quite eating the Lean Cuisine meals.  I have no idea if it was the dinners that caused that but I am not going to re-visit that to find out! 

My first step is going to be detoxing.  I started a detox kit yesterday and am hoping that this will help detox my body of course but also give my weight loss a jump start. 

I will be back tomorrow to discuss Detoxing.

I wish you all Blessings of good health!
Kelly Lynch Ring


MsByn said...

I have found that regular exercise has helped me with my constant back problems. I have been working out regularly for almost 4 years now and my constant headaches, back aches/spasms/going 'out' has almost completely disappeared over that time.

Good luck with your goals. This year my main goal is to clean up my diet and blog about it. I also started a "Fit by 40" blog as well to keep myself accountable for those last pounds... and just to keep up with new strength training as well. I'm glad to have found you via blogfrog and hope to see more of you!


Jenny said...

I have neck and shoulder problems from my car accident. It happened in 1993. Last Tuesday my doctor told me that I needed to drop 50lbs to feel better. I look forward to fallowing your journey.