Friday, February 4, 2011

What is your Personal Constitution?

Your personal constitution is the combination of your genetic makeup, your history of environmental influence, physiologic & biochemical factors.

This is what creates the situations where you could be more susceptible to specific allergies, diseases etc. Understanding your own personal constitution is the key to helping you resolve or prevent many different alignments, allergies or even chronic health problems.

Your Medical Doctor, Trained Medical Professional, Naturopath, Auryvedic Practitioner etc. can help you to figure out your Personal Constitution if you need or want assistance.

Great site about the Ayurvedic Constitution:
Dr. OZ from the Oprah show has some overall recommendations for your health via supplements to keep you healthy here:
Dr. OZ recommendations from the Dr. OZ Show here:
General information at Shaklee:


Autumn Blues Reviews said...

Interesting post! I wonder about this a lot. Out of 6 siblings 4 of us have had our gallbladders removed. My one sister who has not lives in Puerto Rico. I believe being in the US since I was a baby and eating this processed food diet has damaged my body and my gallbladder. I always feel better when I go back to PR and eat off the land which is totally organic food. On another note I am coming to you via Blog Frog. Hope you can stop over and give me a follow.

sheila said...

Ayurvedic Medicine, probably one of the most ancient of all medicines, fascinates me.