Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Exhausted Mommy!

Have you ever gone through 3 sick kids to the Mommy exhaustion melt down?

My blogging and weight loss routines were completely disrupted by "MOM DUTY" and some sick children, which of course always comes first. Thus, causing me to be MIA in the blogging world and my business.

My teen daughters both had minor bouts with the flu where my son had some of the flu's sinus infection thing that would NOT go away.  Almost 10 days later, a some adult dose drugs, (locale prescribed, including an inhaler) later he is finally better.It's been years since I had that super kid sick where you were on the cusp of running to the emergency room, I forgot what that was like.Thank God he is better and I am so blessed it didn't turn into something worse. Now, I'm doing my best to make sure that I don't get that nasty bug because I really don't have time to get sick now!

Now my work is piled up, I'm horribly behind in house work, exhausted and stressed because I am behind. However, I will be taking it a bit slow with a ton of self care to keep myself healthy.

Sick kids never help mom exercise and the diet routine..I did a bit of eating, I should have not done; didn't keep my food journal nor did I exercise at all. This obviously did not help me in my weight loss & fitness goals. Tomorrow the journal keeping and exercise routines resume! I won't be weighing myself again until Monday, April 4th just for my own sanity!

I wish you all peaceful healthy households and very happy children!
Cheers, Kelly Ring (Johnny's Princess)  < can you tell the "husband" did the editing here. lol! 


Jill Wellington said...

Glad everyone is feeling better now. Sooo hard when the kiddies are sick!

Karen Dawkins said...

My son had the flu a year and a half ago, and then got mono, strep and pneumonia all at once on top of it. Missed ten days of school -- miserable!!!! Glad your family didn't go that route :D

We took a college visit to Nashville this weekend. Two days of "FOODIE" restaurant eating, college food, and munchies in the car. I won't be weighing myself this week either :D


Erin Wallace said...

Hope all gets better soon. It is exhausting to take care of a sick household!

Kelly Lynch Ring said...

I appreciate the well wishes immensely right now! I have 2 kiddos home today again. My son is not quite over his cough enough to head back to school today & my 15 year old has a low grade fever AGAIN. I am beginning to have tropical fantasies. This to shall pass & it is the only cuddle time a mom gets when kids pass the age of 9, so, I am soaking that part up!

Karen, I am so sorry for your boy, this flu thing is horrid this year. I love FOODIE eating myself & simply adore food which is obvious in my tush size. lol!

Cheers, Kelly

bobjenjack said...

Bless your heart! That is wild. My son too has been sick this past month. First sinus/allergies and asthma stirred up then an ear infection and finally pink eye! Ughh. I am following now and look forward to more of your posts! Come on over if you have a second...

Kelly Lynch Ring said...

Miss BobJenJack,
Super Cute Blog that you have there! I follow you now via google & network blogs! Good luck with your little guy, I hope he feels better soon. :)
Cheers, Kelly

Ourfamilyworld said...

Hard when kids are sick. Even harder when mommy is sick!!
I am glad I found your blog through bloggers

Anonymous said...

I so understand exhaustion having parented two children and taught middle school for years. Sometimes I come home and want to fall into my plate. Thanks for posting about such a pertinent topic for us moms.

cookingvarieties said...

radish is a great cure for coughs and severe coughs too :)
but it has to be taken 1 hour before and 1 hour after taking any hospital medication that your kid takes..this is because radish will wash away whatever is in its passage

muriSHo said...

congratualtiosn for the blog! I like it so much!

greetings from barcelona!!

Karima said...

Hi from your newest follower, now following you too at Blogfrog. I am also following you Network blogs

Kelly Lynch Ring said...

Hello Karima,
Lovely to meet you! I am off to see your blog!
Cheers, kelly