Friday, December 30, 2011



My friend Lisa Lampe Lohman and I will be working together to hold each other accountable on a 60 Day Wellness Challenge.

There will be a flexible exercise program of 5 to 6 days per week with Monday, Wednesday and Fridays being days where we will do 2 forms of exercise those days. The double workout days can include anything from swimming, walking, yoga, playing soccer with your kids etc.
We will be utilizing the 60 Insanity Challenge from and other work outs, playing with children, working out at the gym for exercise and fitness training. Lisa is a FABULOUS Beachbody Coach that lives in Arizona and I have a background in Massage Therapy, Wellness Coaching, Herbs, etc., and live in Washington and can’t wait to get started on our journey together.

You can find Lisa's Coaching Page of Facebook here...!/CoachLisssa
If you would like some programs from Beachbody, you can get them here at

Lisa and I have very different body types! She is a tall 5 foot 10 inch Zena Warrior Woman and I am a 5 foot 3 inch Irish Hobbit Looking Woman. I also have low back challenges, so, we will be catering my program to suit my back while Zena A.K.A. Lisa will be hitting it hard!

We are going to be working on eating for our health and getting what nutrients we need out of our foods. There will be also be one meal a day for each of us out of the Hungry Girl Cookbooks. We can choose whatever recipe or recipes we want to use that day out of the books. How we like the recipes will all be documented on our Facebook Pages and Blogs.
Hungry Girl Cookbooks can be found here at

Everything from our calorie intake, our successes, the failures, how often and how hard we exercise will be publically displayed on our Facebook Pages for the world to see, even before and after photos.
Kelly's Facebook Pages are here...!/pages/Vital-Earth-Traditions-LLC/130017830876

You are more than welcome to join us!


You could just post the same information for yourself below our posts on our Facebook Pages and we will include your information in our blog posts each week. Your exercise routines or modalities, programs, books, recipes and online support are up to you completely. For “Weigh Ins” you can just report pounds lost and not have to report your actual pound weight.

If you would like to participate just let me know at and we will get started together!

There are websites where you can track your calorie intake, exercise accomplished and calories burned.

My Fav.

There is also the EXCELLENT web-site for Julian Micheals  where you can get all kinds of effective help!

We wish you and your families optimal health in the New Year! 
Cheers, Kelly and Lisa