Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holiday Specials & Giveaways!!!

Happy Harvest!!!

For the next 2 weeks the first customer to purchase product totaling over $30.00 USD each day will recieve that days giveaway. Stay tuned for each daily giveaway details.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

*RECYCLE SOAP* Introducing Recycle Soap! This soap is created from all of our left over cuttings & shavings from our luxurious handmade soaps. We pour a lovely simplistic soap blend over these left over bits & pieces to create a beautiful gentle soap that is gifted to our loyal customers every time they make a purchase from Vital Earth Traditions and larger amounts are donated to local charities. Thank you for helping us reduce our waste, recycle and supporting our family run business!

Kelly Lynch Ring, Proprietress
Vital Earth Traditions LLC

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Help Me Support A Fellow Mum!!!

Vital Earth Traditions LLC


Glitterful Felt Stories & the Barone Family

We want to honor and support some of the most beautiful people we have ever had the BLESSING to come into contact with and to be able to call "FRIEND"!!!The youngest of the Barone family has a disease called Neutropenia and to sum it up that is when someone does not have a functioning immune system. Recently they have recieved the sad news that this child now has a rare form of Leukemia.Glitterful Felt Stories is a business established for many reasons but the main reason was to help pay for this childs bi-weekly blood transfusions.These story boards are all hand made with love, make wonderful gifts, encourage the love of reading and learning!Please, help us support this family!

Visit their Blog for great tips, stories & fab giveaways!!!

Meet our friend Tyler........

All our felt stories are made using felt from Recycled bottles and cans!

For learning activities, songs and games please visit our new blog!

We will be adding new activities every week on our new blog!

Miss Ella & Mr. Andrew

Our Company is a family owned and operated business with three employee's. It was founded and owned by Shelby Barone. Shelby is a stay-at-home Mom to three precious kids ages 6, 4 and 1. She was a preschool teacher for 6 years before she retired to stay home to raise her children.

She first started making felt stories in college. Sheenjoyed making them so much, that she would make them for all the teachers and classroom's at the school where she taught. She continued to read to her own children with felt pieces. They have enjoyed learning with my felt board stories, that she wanted to share them with other's.....that is when Glitterful Felt Stories began. Her hope is that your children will enjoy them and they will help get them excited about reading!

Shelby and her husband Steve and currently working on completing their first children's book together......about the love in Adoption! We will keep you posted on the status of publication! If you are looking for a particular story, please contact us and we will make it available for you. Thank you for your interest in our stories!
Please email us with any questions to


Guess What.....We're growing!!
We have now partnered with Signing Time!
They have great sign language DVD's that can help babies to communicate that cannot talk yet. These DVD's can also help children with Autism that struggle to communicate. Babies can sign before they can talk and our DVD's make it fun and easy!
We will soon be carrying sign language felt pieces here are Glitterful Felt!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


SALE!!! *35% Off Sale & Free Shipping
*35% Off Sale & Free Shipping*Now through October 31, 2009 recieve 35% off your entire order and get free shipping for all product orders over $30.00 to all countries! Use promotion Code.... *KELLYINOZ*This sale is in honor of my FABULOUS business trip in October to Australia to speak at a Seminar for Connect2Mums, All orders placed between now and October 24th will be created and shipped out after I return back home, by October 31st.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

HELP! The Big Bad Ugly Flu Bug That Drags On & Ooonnnn!

We have experienced at our house a new flu strain and its ugly & NOT THE H1N1 SWINE FLU!


This is a flu with several stages and as the flu does, it affects everyone differently. My 9 year old son got the worst of it. It started as a sinus type of cold went away, a couple days later got what seemed like a 24 hour flu and it was the most violent flu I have ever seen. My poor guy had never been soooooo sick. Any minute amount of water that hit his system for just under 12 hours violently came back up with the dry heaves coming on for several minutes after. There were things just pouring out of his little body. In the 11th hour he finally started retaining liquid before he was going to have to go to the hospital so we could get an IV in him so he could get some fluids in his system.

I found myself becoming borderline hysterical because I couldn’t help my child. This is quite silly given the fact that I coach parents through these situations all the time being a Wellness Coach. I had to stop regroup and talk myself through my hysteria and get to work on finding something to help my child. With all of my education and tricks I have learned I found myself helpless. Most everything just didn’t work but what did work in the end were some very simple things. In desperation I put 2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil in a Tablespoon of Olive Oil and massaged it gently into his feet. The nausea slowly wore down. Whether it was truly a result of the Peppermint Essential Oil I don’t know. Theory is that we absorb things into our body most quickly through the bottoms of our feet I would love to believe it was the Peppermint Essential Oil. The other thing I did was take 3 separate tea bags and made a large pot of tea for us all to drink and he could keep that down. Woo Hoo!!! So, I made popsicles, ice cubes, and gave him an ounce to drink every 1 to 2 hours. He sucked on the ice cubes and popsicles in between. The 3 teas I used were made by Traditional Medicinals and they were 1 Peppermint Tea Bag, 1 Elderberry Echinacea Tea Bag, and the other was the Lavender Chamomile Tea Bag. This was my best tool for this flu!

This flu had been surging through my son’s school and I received a phone call from the school nurse asking me to keep him home for a few more days. This was because this flu had several stages and they believed there were about 3 stages. I did and kept up the tea regimen and he sailed through and did not get the 3rd stage and now is back in school. None of us had the flu blown version that my son experienced and we all pray we don’t. My family is sold on this tea combo and we are still drinking it! So, I want to pass it on! Again, here is the Recipe/Blend…

1 Large Tea Pot
1 Tea Bag of Organic Peppermint Tea
1 Tea Bag of Lavender Chamomile Tea
1 Tea Bag of Echinacea Elderberry Tea
And Just Make A Pot Of Tea. I recommend you steep your tea for at least 10 minutes. However, at my house we love a strong cup of tea and steep our teas for approx. 15 minutes!

Quickie Herb Review

Please, remember to always check with your Medical Provider before using any natural products for a medical condition and for possible herb and drug interactions.

Peppermint is historically known to be helpful for colds, congestion, pain, headache pain, nausea, digestion, indigestion, positive mind & emotion stimulant, heart burn, bad breath, improves circulation, and peppermint is an analgesic which can help with pain reduction. Peppermint is also considered adaptogenic, which means it can calm or stimulate based on what the body needs at the moment. HOW AWESOME IT THAT??!! There are cautions regarding peppermint use for small children, pregnant and nursing women. Please, check with your Medical Provider before using peppermint with children, pregnant and nursing Mums!

Lavender is an herb that has historically been used for just about everything and is one of my favorites! Traditionally it’s been used for headache relief, migraines, cold, stress, depression, irritability, exhaustion, tension, helps to regulate moods, to help induce sleep, insomnia, nausea, nervous stomach, digestion, loss of appetite, bad breath, the oil is EXCELLENT for healing burn wounds, as an analgesic it has pain reduction qualities, helps with muscle spasms, decreases inflammation, there is some evidence the use of lavender oil can reduce scaring from wounds, helps sooth the itch of insect bites, and we Mum’s love the fact that Lavender is Antimicrobial & Antiseptic! There is also some AMAZING positive new research being done on the pain reducing, fever reducing & calming effects of using Lavender and Roman Chamomile together on children. GREAT NEWS FOR MUMS & THE WEE ONES!!!

Roman Chamomile is so relaxing and lovely, I adore it! Chamomile has antibiotic, antiseptic, bactericidal and analgesic qualities and that is just the beginning. Historically it has been used for nervous tension, sleep promotion, pain relief, sprains, rashes, nervous stomach, digestion, headaches, migraines, menstrual problems, menopause, eczema, acne, burns, muscle pain, inflammation, arthritic conditions, tooth pain, colic, wounds, sensitive skin, insect bites and fevers. Chamomile in recent research has been proven to intensify sleep induction and relaxation when added to Lavender, Lavendula Angustifolia. Again, a Mum has got to love that! WOO HOO!

Elderberry is known for stopping inflammation in its tracks. It is well known for treating arthritis and influenza. Elderberry is known for its effectiveness in fighting off 8 strains of influenza. Many claim that Elderberry is more effective in fighting off the flu than a Vaccine. I have no comment on that, because I can’t find enough research on Vaccines VS. Elderberry to have an opinion on this subject. I will say there have been no documented side effects from using Elderberry but a whole host of side effects from the vaccines.

The following information RE: ELDERBERRY comes from Mountain Rose Herbs, located in Oregon, USA.

“Vaccines have another drawback: over half of people who get them report side effects. Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu, of Hadassah-Hebrew University in Israel found that elderberry disarms the enzyme viruses use to penetrate healthy cells in the lining of the nose and throat. Taken before infection, it prevents infection. Taken after infection, it prevents spread of the virus through the respiratory tract. In a clinical trial, 20% of study subjects reported significant improvement within 24 hours, 70% by 48 hours, and 90% claimed complete cure in three days. In contrast, subjects receiving the placebo required 6 days to recover.”

is an herb that is well known by many and is one of the most widely used herbs across the nations. Echinacea stimulates the nervous system and helps fight off yeast conditions. It helps the immune system fight off a whole host of disorders and it has a cortisone-like antibacterial effect on cuts and wounds. If you have ragweed allergies use with caution and consult your Medical Provider before use.

This information is for educational purposes only.
This information has not been approved by the Health and Drug Administration.
This information is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any sickness or disease.

Blessing of peace & good health to you all!
Kelly Lynch Ring