Sunday, October 11, 2009

Help Me Support A Fellow Mum!!!

Vital Earth Traditions LLC


Glitterful Felt Stories & the Barone Family

We want to honor and support some of the most beautiful people we have ever had the BLESSING to come into contact with and to be able to call "FRIEND"!!!The youngest of the Barone family has a disease called Neutropenia and to sum it up that is when someone does not have a functioning immune system. Recently they have recieved the sad news that this child now has a rare form of Leukemia.Glitterful Felt Stories is a business established for many reasons but the main reason was to help pay for this childs bi-weekly blood transfusions.These story boards are all hand made with love, make wonderful gifts, encourage the love of reading and learning!Please, help us support this family!

Visit their Blog for great tips, stories & fab giveaways!!!

Meet our friend Tyler........

All our felt stories are made using felt from Recycled bottles and cans!

For learning activities, songs and games please visit our new blog!

We will be adding new activities every week on our new blog!

Miss Ella & Mr. Andrew

Our Company is a family owned and operated business with three employee's. It was founded and owned by Shelby Barone. Shelby is a stay-at-home Mom to three precious kids ages 6, 4 and 1. She was a preschool teacher for 6 years before she retired to stay home to raise her children.

She first started making felt stories in college. Sheenjoyed making them so much, that she would make them for all the teachers and classroom's at the school where she taught. She continued to read to her own children with felt pieces. They have enjoyed learning with my felt board stories, that she wanted to share them with other's.....that is when Glitterful Felt Stories began. Her hope is that your children will enjoy them and they will help get them excited about reading!

Shelby and her husband Steve and currently working on completing their first children's book together......about the love in Adoption! We will keep you posted on the status of publication! If you are looking for a particular story, please contact us and we will make it available for you. Thank you for your interest in our stories!
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Guess What.....We're growing!!
We have now partnered with Signing Time!
They have great sign language DVD's that can help babies to communicate that cannot talk yet. These DVD's can also help children with Autism that struggle to communicate. Babies can sign before they can talk and our DVD's make it fun and easy!
We will soon be carrying sign language felt pieces here are Glitterful Felt!

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Admin said...

Hi Wonderful Miss Kelly,

Thank you so much for all you support! You are a very special person! I am so lucky to have met you!! I only wish we lived closer!!

Thank you! You are such a sweet person!!

Hugs!! ~Shelby