Monday, January 31, 2011

Are you getting enough of the Sunshine Vitamin?

Did you know that the average Caucasian produces approximately 10,000 IU of Vitamin D with just 20 to 30 minutes of summer time sun exposure.  The government recommends 200 IU per day of Vitamin D & your own body produces 50 times that amount in 20-30 minutes.  That should make us all question the governments recommendation!

Vitamin D deficiency is a major factor in over 17 forms of cancer, along with heart disease, stroke, diabetes,arthritis, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, muscle weakness, rickets, osteomalacia, multiple sclerosis, depression, birth defects, periodontal diseases, bone fractures and more. 

Vitamin D

What is it?
Fat Soluble Vitamin that promotes bone health, heart health, immune system health & function.

What does it do?
Calcium is absorbed into your body by the assistance of Vitamin D & the fat-soluble Vitamin D is stored in your body's fatty tissue helping regulate the correct amounts of calcium & phosphorus in your blood.  

How much Vitamin D should you take??? 
The recommendations vary!  Vitamin D capsules are usually available in 50 to 1,000 IU's.  The most common recommendations that I have found are 400 to 800 IU's per day. HOWEVER, you should ALWAYS consult a medical professional before deciding on what you personally need or should take.

SAFETY!  There are varying reports & research on toxicity with Vitamin D.  Choosing a water soluble vitamin is VERY IMPORTANT.  When using a water soluble vitamin your body will use what it needs & eliminate the rest & that is not the case with other vitamins.  Always consult a medical professional before using supplements.

Dr. Oz recommends that you take 800 IU's per day and if your over 60 years of age that you take 1000 IU's per day.

Which Vitamin & Supplement Brands should I choose? 
My favorite water soluble vitamins are from the Shaklee Company.  Along with being water soluble, I feel my optimum best when taking these vitamins.  Everyone is different and one brand may work wonders for one person and not another.  Choose the source that works best for you, your personal constitution, body & spirit. 

Companies that I hear the most good things about in the US of A  are........
Juice Plus
Natural Factors
Nature Made

I am unsure of what exactly is available in Australia for supplements but I'm sure a Naturopath or Medical Provider can make recommendations.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Actress Do You Look Like???

I have had many people invite me on Facebook in the past to play that game & I ignored it. My daughter brought a picture to my attention laughing, saying "Mom, you could be a look alike for the actress Kelly Lynch". I thought I might resemble her but after looking at the pictures side by side I was surprised at the degree of resemblance. What do you think??? I think we look like we could definately be related!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lean Cuisine & Skinny Cow Challenge Day #21

Day #21

I am still cooking my meals in the oven & not the microwave. I am making sure to get adequate raw fruits & vegetables. I'm making sure to take my vitamins and supplements to ensure my body is getting the nutrition it needs. Also, I have been doing a variety of mild to moderate forms of exercise everyday. I am doing a combination of Yoga, Zumba, Elliptical Machine, Weight Lifting, Beach Body ~ Slim in 6 Routines, and have ordered the Brazilian Butt Lift, which may do me in!

Weight Day 1 = 150.4
Weight Day 2 = 147.8
Weight Day 5 = 144.4
Weight Day 10 = 143.8
Weight Day 17 = 144.4
Weight Day 21 = 144.2
Total Weight Loss = 6.2 Pounds
I am exercising like crazy & hope that my lack of weightloss is because I am replacing heavier muscle while eliminating fat!
I tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches and I nor my kids are very fond of those. However, we are completely crazy for the Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches, Cookies & Cream Sandwiches and Fudgesicles!

Once again, I would like to say........


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lean Cuisine/Skinny Cow 31 Day Challenge Day #10

Weight Loss In 5 Days
0.8 lbs
That's it! Yes, I'm disappointed but I am only eating one Lean Cuisine meal a day right now. I am doing this because I want to make sure that I am getting enough Digestive Enzymes in my diet through fresh fruits and vegetables.

I am still cooking my foods in the oven & explain why in my video.

I have been doing some light yoga & today heading back to the gym so I hope this helps make a difference in a greater weight loss next time I weigh myself.

It's my fav. part of this challenge!

I will be back on Friday for a weigh in!!!
Have a great couple day's everyone.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lean Cuisine/Skinny Cow Challenge ~ I LOST 6 POUNDS IN 5 DAYS!!!


Weight on Day #1 ~ 150.4

Weight on Day #2 ~ 147.8

Weight on Day #5 ~ 144.4

Total weight loss = 6.0 pounds

I am so excited to have lost this weight, though I am now cooking the meals in the oven & not the microwave. I am eating 1 Skinny Cow a day & if I can't stand it & need another treat I sneak another making it 2 a day. It's obviously is not effecting my weight loss at all!

To cook in oven........
Oven Temp to cook in oven is : 425 degrees

Time to cook is: 20 to 23 minutes depending on the meal.

Some of my recent meals are.....
Apple Cranberry Chicken

Grilled Chicken & Penne Pasta

Chicken Club

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DAY #2 ~ Lean Cuisine & Skinny Cow Challenge

Lean Cuisine & Skinny Cow 31 Day Challenge

I am excited, I actually have lost weight in 1 day!

Yesterday's Weight: 150.4 pounds

Today's Weight: 147.8 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 2.6 pounds

Food Intake:
Coffee & Creamer ~ 12 Calories
Apple ~ 95 Calories
Yogurt ~ 100 Calories
Propel Water ~ 25 Calories
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich ~ 140 Calories
Lean Cuisine Chicken Club Sandwich ~ 360 Calories
Lean Cuisine Rosemary Chicken ~ 230 Calories
Total Calories today: 952 Calories

I did not exercise to, work, etc. were not cooperative!

Today's Meals........

Rosemary Chicken

Chicken Club

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lean Cuisine & Skinny Cow Challenge, Day #1

Day #1
Well, I could not find any Lean Cuisine Breakfasts to purchase but got several lunches & dinners at our local grocery store called The Market. So, I only ate a Lean Cuisine dinner tonight & had a delicious Skinny Cow Ice Cream Treat. I also started tracking my food, calorie intake & exercise program on which is a great tool for anyone who is trying to loose weight or just trying to improve their overall health.

I weighed in today at 150.4, I am so sad but hopfully I will weigh a pound less tomorrow!

Here is my initial shopping trip & my challenge intro!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Lean Cuisine Challenge & Skinny Cow Challange!

Well, my dear friend Shelby Barone & her husband Steve are doing the 31 Day Lean Cuisine Challenge & I have decided to be a challenge buddy/supporter with my friend Shelby.

So, tomorrow I will join her on her Lean Cuisine adventure. I’m not positive I will be able to bring myself to post myself in a bikini like she did here……. . Maybe after a week of the program…. we will just see! I will most definitely be able to tolerate the Skinny Cow snack part of this program. I LOVE SKINNY COW PRODUCTS!!! I buy them all the time already but I confess I always don’t always eat just one, defeating the low calorie benefit of the lovely delicious product!

With my pre-menopausal symptoms in full swing, the weight gain has been VERY unpleasant and torture on my poor aching joints. So, here I go…..I will have Lean Cuisine for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. This will be interesting for me, for sure. I don’t normally use the microwave for cooking or meals of any kind because it concerns me but I am willing to give anything a try right now. So, tomorrow morning I will weigh my large post Holiday rear end & reluctantly post the ugly results for all to see.

Sooooooooooo, I shall be back tomorrow with my embarrassing weight & the beginning of my part of the challenge to decrease the size of my big butt & support my friend!

If you have any successful weight loss stories or menopausal weight success stories we would love to hear about it! Please, leave a comment below! If you have an Lean Cuisine stories, I would love to hear about that too!
Wish me LUCK!!!

The sad part about this picture is that the cow has a better waist line than I do to start!

I supposed that I should mention that I am NOT getting paid, receiving any compensation or free products for this challange. My lovely friend Shelby however is getting paid.

Saturday, January 1, 2011