Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Actress Do You Look Like???

I have had many people invite me on Facebook in the past to play that game & I ignored it. My daughter brought a picture to my attention laughing, saying "Mom, you could be a look alike for the actress Kelly Lynch". I thought I might resemble her but after looking at the pictures side by side I was surprised at the degree of resemblance. What do you think??? I think we look like we could definately be related!


Lu said...

Yes, I agree! I have always liked that actress and you sure do look like you could be her younger sister. Blessings!!!

Lille Diane said...

I agree as well! Wow! You are both natural beauties. Go ahead and shake your groove thang...lol

Kelly Lynch Ring said...

Thank You, Ladies! Your very kind to this aging Mama!
Kelly xx