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Smelly Tidbits & The Buzz About Bees

Interesting Smelly Tidbits Every Woman Should Know!

The Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation in Chicago, Illinois did research on what aroma's significantly increase blood flow to a man's penis. Yes, it's true and the results are Pumpkin Pie, Licorice, Lavender and Doughnuts.

I don't know about you, but after reading this I will never feel the same about a Policeman eating a doughnut again!

The Buzz about Beeswax, Honey & Mead………….
The Beeswax Facts~

Beeswax has been utilized since the beginning of time and can be considered the Duct Tape of ancient times! It has been found in ancient tombs, ruins, sunken ships, and as it never goes bad it was still usable.
Uses for beeswax can include……...

Reconstructive Surgery
Glass Etching
Dental Procedures
Embalming Procedures
Wood Filler
Wax for sports equipment
Beard & Mustache Wax
Lipsticks & Lip Balms
Wood Polish
Dental Floss
Oil Spill Control
Didgeridoo Mouthpieces
Ear Plugs
Cracked Hooves
Ear Candling
Paint Restoration
Moustache Wax
Soap Making
Slippage for belts in machinery

Beeswax candles have been used since the beginning of time and are far healthier to burn than paraffin. Paraffin is a by- product of petroleum and paraffin has only been used for candle making in relatively recent times. Paraffin candles emit gases, soot, and up to 11 documented toxins when burned. Two of these toxins have been documented as being carcinogenic. A Smokey film in your home and indoor air pollution can be directly related to the burning of Paraffin candles with synthetic fragrances. The soot particles from burning these candles can get into the duct work in your home, stick to your rugs, furniture and walls. The American Lung Association has warned consumers that there is a danger of breathing unhealthy air when burning paraffin candles.

Burning Beeswax candles does not create any airborne toxins and as a matter of fact it does the opposite for your home. Burning beeswax candles emits negative ions. These ions capture and neutralize dust particles, toxins, molds, bacteria, pollen and unwanted odors. This makes these candles a great preventative tool during the winter months. Your candles must be 100% beeswax in order for you receive these benefits from your candles. Because of these attributes, burning beeswax candles before bed will provide you with cleaner air to breathe while sleeping, creating a more restful sleep. Candles that are 100% Beeswax also burn as a drip-less candle making them a much less messy candle to burn.

Beeswax Candles Are Expensive, Yes & No!
Beeswax Candles are more expensive than paraffin candles but Beeswax candles burn approximately 5 times longer than other candle waxes making them quite cost effective in the end to burn.For the rest of this fantastic article and information click on this picture!

Great Places To Get Beeswax Candles In The US, Canada & Australia….
1) Beeswax Creations, East Perth, Australia
2) Queen Bee Candles, Sydney, Australia
3) Beeswax Candle Co., Virginia, USA
4) Beeswax Co. LLC, Texas, USA
5) Quiet Light Candles, WA, USA
6) Smallbones Studio, Ontario, Canada

What Are Your Favorite Smells???

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