Thursday, January 21, 2010

My heart simply just goes out to my dear freind Shelby Barone........

I have blogged about my dear friend Shelby Barone and her web-store Glitterful Felt Stories before. She is the lovely woman who makes and sells felt stories to help pay for her son's bi-weekly blood transfusions he needs because of Leukemia.

Shelby's home was just hit in the Storms of CA by a Tornado & Mud Slides that filled their home with 5 inches of mud. They are OK but their Garage is destroyed and the house reeks of mildew. The kicker is that.... as they were cleaning up this horrid mess they were also getting ready for their 3 year old Tyler's Bone Morrow Transplant today for Leukemia!

Please, Keep them in your prayers!

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TheAtticGirl said...

Oh man, that is awful! Definitely praying for Shelby and her family today.