Monday, August 9, 2010

"World Best Friend Week" ???

I got the post below in an e-mail from a beautiful friend of mine and was touched. I have never actually heard of "World Best Friend Week" before and will be looking into to that. Sounds like an occasion that their should be a party for! I adore parties!

This made stop and ponder about my "Good Friends" that I would do this for and there are many gorgeous souls I would do this for at any given moment. I am SO GRATEFUL for all my friends that have been absolute blessings in my life. Because of this I feel like one of the most wealthy people I know!

Thank you, my Friends, I love you!
Think about this for a minute....
If you happened to show up on my
door step crying, I would care!

If you called me and asked
me to pick you up because something
happened, I would come!

If you had one day left to live your life,
I would want to be part of that last day!

If you needed a shoulder to cry on,
I would give you mine!

This is a test to see who your real
friends are or if you are just someone
to talk to you when they are bored.

Do you know what the relationship is between your two eyes?

they blink together,
they move together,
they cry together,
they see things together,
and they sleep together,
(ah, sort of)
but they never see each other;
....that's what friendship is.
Your aspiration is your motivation,
your motivation is your belief,
your belief is your peace,
your peace is your target,
your target is heaven,
and life is like hard core torture
without it!

It's 'World Best Friends Week'

Who is your best friend?

Send this to all your good friends, even me,
if I am one of them..

See how many you get back

If you get more than 3
then you really are
a lovable person...

Side Note….
Save the Earth... it's the only planet with chocolate!!!!

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