Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back On Line Again........

We had to take a major break from most everything with my kids getting sick, allergies, my back was going out left and right.  The thing that went first was the majority of our computer time. That is why I have not been blogging like I was but I am back now.

We have been on the immune system building mode for our kids (and ourselves) while I have been nursing and babying my back. We are all doing so much better and we will be even better when the sun starts shining more regularly! 

We are all starving for sunshine, bring on the sun!

I am so grateful we are all feeling better and I was definitely reminded of how important it is to get enough sleep and to slow down and take care of YOU and YOURS! 

I wish you all good health, nights of peaceful sleep and loads of laughter!
Cheers, Kelly Lynch Ring

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that's life! said...

I find that we women take care of ourselves LAST, Kelly, so it's good to read that you're putting some time and effort into just being a healthy you!