Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mom, what kind of man do you want me to Marry when I grow up?

WOW!  My 15 year old daughter really knows how to ask the questions.  I never really thought about what about what "kind" of man/partner I wanted or hoped for, for my daughters.  So, when I was asked "Mom, what kind of man do you want me to Marry when I grow up?" it really made me stop to think & ponder.  Here is my answer........

I wish for every woman & man a partner that has a kind, loving & honorable spirit.  The kind of person that has great determination that is matched by great self control & only has actions that are honorable to their families. 

What are your wishes for your children???

That is a tall order but that is OK!  That is my prayer for all!

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Lisa P. said...

For my daughters, I want men who are committed Christians. I don't want men who may come to church on Sunday but their faith doesn't affect their life the rest of the week.

I want their husbands to be men who will love my daughters and will treat them with kindness and respect.

I want my daughters to marry men of integrity. I want them to be men with a reputation for being honest and honorable.

I would choose men who will work to provide for their families. My daughters can also work but they shouldn't have to carry the full financial load.

Finally, I want my daughters to marry men who will be good fathers. Their husbands will be the fathers of my grandchildren and those grandchildren will deserve daddies who love them.

This was very thought-provoking!


Kelly Lynch Ring said...

Lisa, This is VERY thought provoking isn't it! I had written a very long list that I kept widdling down to the summary above. It's a loaded question to ask a MOM that is for sure!

Debra said...

Hi Kelly,
How interesting that your daughter would ask this question... your answer was perfect.
I also have a 15-year-old daughter who has never asked me this question, most likely because I lecture occasionaly on the importance of finding a mate with integrity and character. Don't go for the looks, but for the content of character I say.
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I hope you'll swing by and visit me too.

Kelly Lynch Ring said...

It's lovely to meet you Debra! I will pop over & visit you too!

This question came from my very saucey middle child who is always asking thought provoking questions & you never quite know what her exact intention is. Life is NEVER boring at our house!

PJ said...

That was a beautiful answer Kelly, the only addition I think I would make is that the partner be a God-fearing person who would put God first in all things. That way, there would be no question that they would be a loving and wonderful partner. I have no children, but if I were blessed in that way, that's what I would say. God bless,

Kelly Lynch Ring said...

Thank You, Ms. PJ!

My daughter asked my to not get all "Godish" online. LOL! However, I believe that no man can truly be honorable without a God centered heart and agree with you!

TheAtticGirl said...

My daughter is only 7 weeks old, but my wish for her is to find a man who is as wonderful as her daddy: a man of faith, hard working, kind, even-tempered, considerate, thinks about the needs of others, and willing to do whatever is necessary in tough situations. It is too easy to settle or mistake love for something else.

byn always said...

My now 19 year old daughter always said, "I want to marry someone like Daddy" and that's all I could ask for... for ANY of my daughters. For my sons, I have no idea. They both need someone incredibly different! We discuss it often, though, what I want for them in their lives... what kind of spouse I think would compliment them the best. I love the deep discussions we get into, because it also leads them to realize they have to think about what kind of spouse THEY need to be/will tend to be!