Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just because you feel better doesn't mean your completely healed & you should stop Therapy!!!

I am well aware of this!  Why is it so hard for a therapist to take care of themselves first?  I am learning my lesson whether I want to or not.  As a massage therapist, aromatherapist & herbalist I constantly talk about continuing the healing process with healing modalities for a time after one feels better to keep strengthening & healing the areas affected to ensure complete and total healing.

Well, I felt SO AMAZING that I have didn't do my restorative yoga poses for a couple days or go to the chiropractor on Friday thinking I feel so great I can wait until Monday.  Now I am feeling sore & like my back could possibly go out again.  I have done my restorative yoga poses today, will do them again later & definately go to the chiropractor tomorrow, that is for sure!  I don't have pain but I feel stiff & a bit afraid to move.

If you have back injuries I suggest you speak to your medical provider about the importance of treatment, how often it should occur & how long would it be most beneficial to your back to continue to ensure optimal healing & health.


Liberty said...

Hope you feel all the way better soon!! I have GOT to start doing yoga again. I had a spinal fusion at C5-6 6 months ago... I feel my muscles tightening up again. :( Thanks for the reminder to take care of my body.

I'm a new follower.


Kelly Lynch Ring said...

Liberty, I wish you the best of luck to you & thank you!
Kelly xoxox

Unknown said...

I so agree..recovering from throwing my back out...again! Taking care, but need to find a good chiro or masseuse...this post is just a confirmation of what I must do! Thank you, Connie

Honeybee said...

Wish you well, Kelly. This is my first arrive and I like reading your post.
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