Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weight down to 136.6 pounds! Woo Hoo! Even through back pain!

Losing weight with my back acting up constantly when trying to exercise has been incredibly difficult and I need to drop that weight to help my back get better. Ugh!  My mission to figure out what is going on with my body has lead me to discover that my SI Joint in my pelvic area is hyper-extending or just seizing up with intense cramping in the entire area when it acts up.  In my low back area my lumbar vertebrae 3 and/or 4 area has a disk that is causing me quite the grief. The mid thoracic area has anther disc and/or vertebrae that is not cooperating to my standards.  They all seem to synchronize their activity to bring me down and I must make this stop!  I normally have no back issues when I weigh around 120 pounds and right now I am desperate to get there to eliminate some of this pain.

Now how do I prevent my back from seizing up and going out?

I am discovering a few tricks that are working for my body.  I am still doing Yoga in a studio here and there at Bliss Dog Yoga & Crescent Moon Yoga which is helping immensely. At home I have 2 different exercise DVD's that are working to help me build strength back up.  I have tried to do them both in one day but my back is not ready for that yet.  The Beach Body, Start It Up routine is perfect for slowly building core strength.  I also use the Better Sex Through Yoga dvd, this is a core centered routine & is great for strength building. AND no you are not in the mood for sex when your done, you want to relax or sleep!  The biggest thing that I have discovered is that I need to keep moving & exercise every day to keep all my muscles loose in my back or things start to tighten up. 

EATING!  I have been having 2 meal shakes a day made by Natural Factors with one full meal a day.  I have discovered that my weight drops faster if I eat the meal for lunch & not dinner.  There are lots of amazing healthy options for this out there.  My daughters and I have been using this particular brand and mix "Slim Styles" because if we drink 1 a day we never know when our monthly cycle will hit, we don't have any PMS (love that, obviously).  Also, we normally don't get the regular menstrual cramp routine during that time of month with consistently drinking this 1 time per day. Another great meal replacement shake and weight loss program is through Shaklee called Cinch ( here is that link ).
Remember it's best to use what works best for your personal constitution.  Right now Natural Factors is working for me but when I run out I am going to try the Cinch again to see how that will work with my body and personal constitution. 
I am currently at 136.6 pounds and am excited to drop the last 16 pounds!!!  When I started this mission my weight was at 150 pounds.  So, total I have lost 13.4 pounds, now to tackle the last 16.6!!!

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Summer said...

Cmae upon your blog from the blog Broken to Grace .... reading your post remind me of what i go through myself with sciatica pain when my weight is up over 135 pounds right now i am at 130 but really could be at 122-125 ....keep up the good work and i just wanted to let you know your post inspired me to go out and power walk .....thanks !!

Unknown said...

Woo Hoo...awesome! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Miss.nhm said...

that "Slim In 6" really interest me to buy..

Alina said...

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