Saturday, February 12, 2011

My week of Therapies.........

Going through my week of absolute pain like never before with my back I utilized three amazing Women who are miracle workers! I don't think I would have survived without them. Yes, that is very dramatic!  However, I was in so much pain that is how I felt.  Now, 1 1/2 weeks later I feel better than I have in ages and I have never gotten better so quickly from my back going out and being "S shaped" in my life!

I am including where you can find these lovely women just in case you need a miracle too!

My first stop was to Dr. Lori Johnson who is one of my most favorite Chiropractors.  I have actually been going to her since I was in high school, just a couple years ago.  (haha) She utilizes the Activator Technique and has more training in this than any chiropractor I know.  My body loves and responds most effectively to this technique.  She is just simply excellent at what she does, gentle and completely thorough leaving me feeling like not one thing was missed in my appointment with her. AND for a chiropractor she runs ON TIME which with my busy schedule is of huge value!!! I visited her every day she worked for a week and I could just feel the difference it made in my healing so quickly!  She still does to the old school manipulation technique if that is what you like.  My brother who has a black belt in Judo used to tell me he would go see Dr. Johnson when he felt like he needed a woman to toss him around.  He's a funny, funny man!  Dr. Lori also works on my son to help manage his ADD type symptoms with the Activator Technique very effectively! We notice a MASSIVE difference after his appointments.

If you would like to visit Dr. Lori Johnson she can be found at Riverside Chiropractic in Mount Vernon, Washington.  The phone number to find her is 360-424-6104.  She is also very educated in nutrition, is a vast resource of knowledge in this area and is a Shaklee Distributor which is my favorite source for supplements.  If you would like to visit her shaklee site it's here .

My second stop was to Kit Muehlman Yoga and Hypnosis Instructor.  I was supposed to work for this lovely lovely lady but with my back out I had to reschedule.  She offered to do restorative yoga with me instead.  I at first was skeptical because a strained disc normally gets more agitated with yoga.  I would like the WORLD to know that I walked in with an "S" shaped back and walked out COMPLETELY STANDING UP STRAIGHT after just over an hour of restorative yoga.  This should NOT be possible from a medical stand point but it happened and now I AM A BELIEVER!!!  I would love for the world to experience restorative yoga.  I have also done Hypnosis with Kit and it was amazingly effective for my knee and ankle.  I have not had one ounce of pain in my knee or ankle after 1 appointment.

Miss Kit can be found on her website and by phone at 360-466-3801.  She also works at Crescent Moon Yoga in La Conner, WA working with the lovely Jennifer McFarland who is quite amazing herself.  This is a truly effective and talented group at Crescent Moon Yoga, I think anyone going here would be more than pleased with any of their instructors.

My 3rd stop was to Elynn Light, Healer and Massage Therapist where I worked on emotional release techniques.  I can't say emotional release work is fun or pleasant but it is effective.  Our muscle holds memory and stress making a terrible injury inviting combination when left to build up for too long!  I did this twice during my week of intense therapies.  It brought up huge amounts of memory of not being supported (on top of what was brought out in my Hypnosis session with Kit) which makes complete since when you think about how our backs support us through life. So, then it left me dealing with and confronting issues with a few friends and family members that I had forgotton about or simply just didn't deal with.  Confrontation is not exactly my specialty, so this was really difficult for me to accomplish but I did.  Elynn was truly amazing and her work was spot on effective whether I liked it or not. There was a profound feeling of carrying a lighter load after each session with a great amount of increased energy.  This is the kind of woman you get results with and if that's what your looking for then she's your gal!

Elynn can be reached through her website here and by phone here 714-928-1177. 

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